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Sealing a Concrete Coating in Augusta, Georgia

How did decorative concrete floors jump slightly to such a wide appeal? The reason is the desire for “personalization” among the owners. Decorative concrete floors now provide homeowners with an infinite range of options to make their business or living environment unique. In trendy restaurants, office complexes, schools, industrial areas, shops, supermarkets and homes, stained, colorful, painted and gorgeous decorative concrete coatings for floors are everywhere. 

Maintenance Problems 

So that your decorative concrete floor looks optimal for years, you should pay attention to these important care tips. And if you do, you will not be worried or overly concerned about the long-term performance of decorative concrete. Here is a look at the long-term care for decorative commercial floors. Apply primer, primer and finish Most concrete floor systems consist of a primer, a primer layer, and a UV-resistant material coating. The various available concrete coatings work so well that stains and discoloration are usually not a problem if the substrate is properly prepared. The colored flakes are also protected against stains and the UV-resistant type is lightfast and does not yellow. 

Use of a Concrete Cleaner 

Typical spoilers in a commercial area are dirt and debris and high passenger traffic. On an enclosed or uncoated concrete floor, most of these materials penetrate leaving stains. Worse, they can shorten the life of the surface. With a properly coated decorative concrete floor, all of these materials can be cleaned with concrete cleaners. Most manufacturers report that these bright soils have a useful life of 10 to 15 years in a high traffic environment. Apply a concrete seal. Unsealed concrete is susceptible to damage and stains. The coated concrete does not deteriorate. Even bad places are a thing of the past. If you cure your concrete with a concrete seal, they form a completely non-porous surface, where oil, salts, gases, spilled liquids, and bacteria can not accumulate. 

The Last Word 

Proper maintenance should be considered as part of the investment required to ensure a healthy return on investment. Maintenance is often the neglected factor that is equally important to ensure that the life of the decorative commercial floor and appearance retention meet your expectations. The longer you can produce decorative concrete, the lower the average cost of ownership for you and the environment. There are several ways to achieve a look with decorative concrete surfaces. Here’s a basic introduction to the various decorative options and overlays available. With the many options available, you can choose the one that best suits your needs for durability, looks, maintenance, and budget. Although cement-based overlays have been around for several decades, many craftsmen mix cement and polymer resins with cement to improve performance, wear resistance, and aesthetic properties. 

Polymer-modified overlays adhere properly to the surface outlet and are resistant to damage from chemicals, adhesives, salt, UV radiation, and abrasion. Interestingly, polymer-modified overlays offer similar performance advantages but have different physical properties. There are a variety of decorative overlay options to cover concrete paving, pool decks, patios, parking lots and almost any other concrete surface. Decorative coatings are often mixed with acrylic or acrylic compounds because they provide exceptional adhesion and UV resistance. 

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