Augusta Residential Epoxy Flooring Services

Beautiful epoxy flooring in a residential home located in Augusta, Georgia

You come home every day after a long day’s work and want to unwind. Part of being able to do so is loving the home that you come back to. If your old flooring is an eyesore, you’re not really going to enjoy it. One of the best options to consider for your garage, or for a bathroom, is residential epoxy flooring. Not only are there several varieties, including epoxy garage floor, metallic epoxy flooring, and base or satin coats, it is also a finish that is easy to maintain if it is properly laid out in the first place. This is where we come in!

Placing/Laying the Foundation

We specialize in residential epoxy flooring and guarantee the quality, finish, and detail work will look excellent after we apply the final coating on your home’s floors. We will:

  • Remove the original flooring material
  • Buff and remove any deformities or imperfections
  • Smooth the floors to an even surface before applying the residential epoxy flooring
  • Apply a base and upper coats to your floors

Whether you need us to apply epoxy kitchen floors, epoxy garage floors, or want us to update your bathroom with epoxy finishes, we can do these, and other surfaces of your home.

We Use the Best Equipment

Apart from using the best metallic epoxy floor and base coats, we are also going to use the best, and latest industry equipment to do the work. This allows us to evenly remove the old floor coats, smooth the base surface, and properly apply the new coats of residential epoxy flooring in your home. In turn, it is going to look better. Furthermore, the new epoxy coatings which we apply, aren’t going to peel, lift, bubble, or otherwise get damaged as easily as they would, if the flooring wasn’t properly prepared prior to applying the epoxy coats.

What We Guarantee

Our team in Augusta GA is highly experienced. We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company, so we can guarantee you are hiring an industry leader when you choose us for residential epoxy flooring finishes. Furthermore, we only hire the best professionals to do the work in your home. We screen our specialists so that we only dispatch the best people to do the work, in any and every room of the home that you’d like us to apply new epoxy flooring into. We also guarantee affordable pricing, and if you aren’t happy with our work, we will remedy the issues you note and discuss the best approach to correct it for you as well.

Ready for New Floors?

If the time has come for new flooring in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. You can call us at (762) 204-3132. We will send out a professional to visit your home and discuss the work with you. We provide free residential and commercial service quotes, so there’s no commitment needed from you if you aren’t ready, we’re here to provide you with a quote for the services you’re considering hiring us for in the future.